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As an end of life doula,

I am a compassionate presence, supporting individuals and their loved ones at the confluence of life and death.


Hi, I'm Meghan.

My mission and commitment is to give non-judgmental support to the dying and their loved ones as they navigate the waters of life's final chapter. We will explore your needs, wants, and autonomy as you approach matters of death and dying. My approach is individualized and includes emotional, spiritual, practical, and educational support.


With deep compassion, I create a safe and nurturing space that honors the profound journey of transition, easing fears and fostering a sense of peace. I'm passionate about shifting our perspective of the end of our lives and I am dedicated to initiating, and holding space for, these conversations.

Personalized Compassionate Care


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Plan and Prepare

Support and guidance as you create your comprehensive care and comfort plan, complete advanced directives, organize important document, choose a trusted healthcare proxy, and have important conversations with loved ones.

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Emotions & Spirit

I stand with you at the confluence of past, present, and future. With deep listening and sacred space, every emotion is witnessed and validated. Together, we explore legacy, healing conversations, forgiveness, surrender, and joy.

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Education & Dialogue

Offering unbiased education about death and dying, I initiate and guide meaningful conversations while empowering you to do the same. Within the community, at places of worship or any gathering, I hold workshops and foster conversations that support embracing discussions about death and dying.


"If death is the dropping of a stone into a still lake, perhaps the ripples toward the shore are the imprints we leave behind, the change that we effected simply because we existed."

Sunita Puri, MD

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